2. Dear readers,

    Today I was sitting down during my half hour break. I saw these pencil cases and I think it really hit me that my life isn’t going to be the same after tomorrow. I got up and purchased the pencil cases in preparation for the Missionary Training Center. Tomorrow will be my last shift at food works. Although 5 years have passed since my first shift I feel liberated and slightly saddened. I hated scrubbing chicken racks but I loved meeting the people that would come into the shop. Most of these people I will never see again. I was a deli chick in no way important to anyone but I loved hearing peoples stories. I loved all the different types of customers. It is a privilege in a way to work in a supermarket because you get this amazing perspective.You get to see all different types of people. It’s amazing that we all travel through what we call “life” and all of us are so different and our experiences so diverse. 

    So as that chapter comes to a close a new one opens. In less than 2 weeks I will be a missionary. I am going to be serving the people of the Philippines. My greatest desire is to develop a great love for the people. I hope that I learn to be more grateful for the things I have been blessed with. I don’t know what lessons I will learn or the friends yet to be met but there is one thing I know for certain. I know that serving a mission is exactly what I am meant to do at this point in my life. I am deferring uni for 18 months, leaving my friends and family to help other families. I promised my mum after my mission I would return and finish my photography degree but who knows what the future will hold after that. May 2013 bring happiness to all. This will be my last post for a very long time.

    Cya all in 18 months!


  3. I finally made it to Byron Bay!

    I love this photo of my very good friend Kenya and not so little sister Bea. She is so much taller than I AM!!!!

  4. Playing around with my little sister. I couldn’t go to sleep last night and I had this idea!

  5. Storms in Brisbane make photojournalist students happy. Pitty the semester is over!Blitzeinschlag

  8. Allan had lost his glasses in the creek and everyone was helping him find them…. well except for me, I saw an opportunity. Emily found them and His reaction was just so beautiful he ran up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. If everyone showed that much gratitude I think the world would be a better place.