September 9, 2014

The antics of my life continue……… I have to do a dynamic range camera test and ISO test but I am lacking the motivation on the account that is absolutely mundane! But there it is. So Monday has come around again. An the Craziness of this week must be evaluated.

The week started with a message from facebook. Someone very special from my mission got baptized. I wept like a child! I remember the first time we visited him he wouldn’t talk to us he hid from us but I remember the first time I saw him I knew his face. I could of sworn I had seen him. We still would go back his wife joined years before and his son was the first to join as a child at 12. His son is now 18 and about to serve a mission so that gives you and idea of time and how long missionaries have been trying to talk to this man. I remember praying like crazy to know what to do and we had the idea to go an get a watermelon and give it to the family. Then we went back an my companion and I had the idea not to teach him but just go and visit. NOT at all orthodox. The third time he asked us to eat with him and we did again I didn’t have the feeling to talk about our message. Love this man get to know this man. IT WAS AMAZING! as we spent that time with him he asked us to come back and teach him. I remember him thanking us and crying because he said that no other missionaries had really taken the time to know him. I will never forget that. He never went to church but I was transferred pretty quickly from every area but I will never forget his son’s testimony at church saying when he saw us teaching him and he never thought it would happen and he knew he would accept the gospel. HE DID!!!!! The family contacted me to say thank you and if it wasn’t for us he may never have had the chance to be taught. MAN HOW AMAZING! I love my mission I am seeing the fruits of it now which is even cooler! I was so blessed to serve in Olongapo.

Then last Monday I broke my skpe record 2 hours and 17 mins. I love skping the other hemisphere it’s seriously like time travel. How is that even possible? What did we even talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crack up though I enjoyed that time spent which consisted of me asking question after question and his crack up responses. Let’s be honest here I was pretty much integrating him…….. My favorite part was when his Mum called.

“I’ll call you back in 5 mins.”

An hour goes by…opps that’s alittle longer than 5 minutes.

“hey mum call you back in 25 minutes….” His face was priceless I found it crack up so I had to laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… dang it I need to control my laughter…

“Who’s Laughing……….. Is there a girl in your room! There better not be a girl in your room.”

Dang it! I got him in trouble….. I would like to say this isn’t the first time but lets be honest I have gotten him in trouble before. Poor Sister Querido and the water fight and welp enough said. Basta I have gotten him in trouble a few time and he is a champ always takes it on the chin! Poor kid now his parents think he is probably breaking the law of Chastity hahah. Welp no need to worry Sister (insert his last name) I am from Australia and your son has no romantic feelings towards me in the slightest but he is rather amusing hence the laughter. Sorry po.

Which brings me to the next random event of my life……….. I GOT A JOB INTERVIEW!!!! which was awesome on the account of the fact this HIGHTLY AWESOME COMPANY CONTACTED  me. SUPER RANDOM! So I have a friend that works there he talked to his boss and BAM they emailed me. I was like WHAT ONLY THE BEST/ MOST SUCCESSFUL COMPANY IN THE WHOLE WORLD! But hey long story short it was a group interview and chances were slim of getting the job in the first place. I will be honest I have never even really had much to do with their products. But I really enjoyed the 2 hour mysterious interview at a hotel. It was by far the coolest job interview ever!!!!!!Also there was a cool team member who’s name was Darrell who seriously reminded me of Carroll man. His boat shoes were the same and his name rhymes even more random. ALSO HE IS HALF FILIPINO!!!!!!!!! but doesn’t understand tagalog. FAKE FILIPINO BUT STILL COOL! Also some of the most bizarre response where made I will never forget some chick saying that her interesting fact about herself is she is racist against Asians!!!! WHICH IS NUTTS I AM OBSESSED ABOUT ASIANS I LOVE ASIANS!!! even stranger she is asian. welp she probs got the job. I then got a rejection email….. oh man! I was still smiling because that was the most craziest/coolest job interview ever.

So I have been going to the temple a lot. I went with my friend mel and the funniest/ random experience. I was waiting in the last part of initiatory please keep in mind the ordinance has not been completed in the middle of the prayer. This temple worker comes racing in looks super worried!


“WHAT!!!! HUSBANE!” hahahhahahahhahahah cracked up laughing…….shocked expression then I continue”Hey please introduce me to him! Because I don’t have a husband.”

That was a moment Mel and I will never forget.

Which brings me to Samoan man. So I end up going on another date with him. It was really intense but cool we ended up doing a sealing session and sealed his Grandparents together……. YEP SEALING SESSION! Date number 3. hahah Then he played piano for me and this has been a fantasy of mine since I was little it was rather AMAZING. One thing that now may be ticked off my bucket list.Considering this is the second time anyone has ever serenaded me and I must say the second time was a lot better compared to the crazy man in Calapucuan during a lesson 2. Then we had lunch and well it was  strange but somehow my shoe decided to fall into the river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOUTHBANK for the record has no shoe stores so we walked around trying to find shoes but didn’t happen. NO SHOES…….. I can’t go on the bus with no shoes and I AM NOT WEARING aussie thongs from the gift shop for the Japanese’s and Korean tourist….. which are mostlikely the only customers. sooooo I have my temple slippers so I reluctantly put them on…….. END OF DATE!!!!……………well so I thought.

 I go home and then decide to take Eden (my little ranger sister) out and screen print at Uni. I get a text from this guy.

“hey what are you up to.”

“at uni then taking my little sister to the movies.”



I THOUGHT THIS WAS JUST CONVERSATIONAL…… but no he turns up…… I was kind of shocked. He lives an hour away from southbank. So he buys us tickets and we see GARDIANS OF THE GALAXCY. ……. not my kind of movie….. I didn’t mind it but EDEN WAS DYING…. She layed down on the chairs to go to sleep! Oi EDEN. Be good!!! So she watched the movie. I found myself thinking man that actor looks like an elder I served with only with a beard……Random. The movie finished at 12 am ahhhhhh grabe naman.  2 dates in one day that is a first for me!


So I will end this week on ………

A result of procrastination I must read this book because it is Hilarious. I love the titanic quote.

“He’s gone. Poof. Vanished into thin air. Well, there’s no mixed message here. He’s made it clear that he’s so not into you that he couldn’t even bother to leave you a Post-it

“Alone also means available for someone outstanding.”

“But he was so great!’ Yes, and the people who got on the Titanic thought they were going on a vacation”

“big plans require big action”

“Wasting time with the wrong person is just time wasted.”

“It’s hard. We’re taught that in life, we should try to look on the bright side, to be optimistic. Not in this case. In this case, look on the dark side. Assume rejection first. Assume you’re the rule, not the exception. It’s intoxicatingly liberating.”

“You picked a lemon, throw it away lemonade is overrated.”

"Unless he’s all yours, he’s still hers."

“He’s just not that into you if he’s disappeared on you. Sometimes you have to get closure all by yourself.”

“There’s nothing worse than having no answer, in business, friendships, and especially romantic relationships. But the bad news is, no answer is your answer. He may not have written you a goodbye note, but his silence is a deafening ‘see you later.’”

He’s just not that into you by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

One thing I have come to learn this past week is one IMAGINARY FRIENDS ON THE OTHERSIDE OF THE WORLD ARE NOT REAL! Nor are they healthy. Two I am going to see someone that is all of the above quotes in the next week and I am scared spitless because I must keep in mind all of the above. The big overriding fact he’s just not that into me…….which is completely normal/ fair enough. Three being single is better than being unhappy/ getting played like a deck of cards………Or worse pretending that something is going to happen when it isn’t. You can’t like someone you don’t, even if you try…… you can’t make yourself feel something you don’t. You can’t get someone to like you either. Hence love when it really is found is a fetching miracle! A thing I am yet to have found but I believe it exists. Stabenow, she’s found it and I wish I could go to her wedding!!!!!I’m in the wrong country!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard a horror story this last week about marriage, kids hating their mother and divorce and I am like wooooh I am freaked out man.  I love seminary!!!!!Slowly getting better at it and the training meeting I learnt so much. Welp that it.

Love you all


September 4, 2014

September 4, 2014
RANDOM! Goodbye Sister Carroll!!!!

I can’t believe Monday has crept up on me so quickly so this week had been so intense and eventful!!!! I said goodbye to my best friend again! I just got back and now she heads out to the world to be Sister Carroll! So jealous I wish I was still a missionary!

So It was a rather special experience to be sitting down with her family as she received a blessing to be set apart.  Then the Airport,I had my camera. One thing I like about photography is it completely detaches you from the situation. So I didn’t feel sad until I hugged her and gave the camera to Tess. THEN I wanted that camera back!!!!!!! TEARS! Stop they ceased when I had the camera.

 I found myself after the airport in my room just getting a box of old photos trying to find photos of us when we were little. I may have been crying it was Pathetic then I went to sleep really late. SO THERE HAS BEEN SO MUCH THAT HAS HAPPEND AS IN TALAGA!!! I have went to grabe my phone to tell Kenya crazy stuff but guess what she isn’t here. Sam Glen I saw him on Sunday on the account I haven’t been sleeping and then slept like I was in a comma  on Sunday missed church and went to the singles ward…kind of boring ward to be honest there are no kids to play with anyways back to Sam. HE LIKE I MISS KENYA!!!! I feel it’s selfish but I wish she was still here. hahahah she is such a great person. I agree with all that he said.

Then I freaked out one day at uni this week legit my stress levels hit the roof but I was talking to one of my friends from my mission he said that he had never felt so stressed like he did in the field at the end of the day he was still tense! SO TRUE!!!! I loved being a missionary but I was always worrying about others constantly! Nothing compares to that so stress. Stress after my mission is present but not like it was on my mission! MY MISSION WAS THE MOST STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE THUS FAR! Anyways, I messaged my friend Jakie who I haven’t seen in ages as in! It was amazing she came out and helped me out the assignment was dead easy it turned out. But yeah it was lovely to catch up with her I love how Heavenly Father places people in our lives. For a reason.

Which brings me to the most random way I have ever meet anyone well besides Jacob Muir I mean I walked up to that kid at a dance and took a picture of him eating a burger when I was like 16 bam became we friends RANDOM!!!!! Anyways back to the guy I meet on the last Thursday past. I decided to go to the temple. I had an amazing experience an experience that was more spiritual then usual.There was a boy in the session which I didn’t pay much attention to, considering I was busy communing with God. Praying that is.

 I go outside of the temple and see I have a facebook message from one of my friends…. Happens to be from Canada! YES I love Canada! and then I got to reply when I get interrupted.

"hey! Are you preparing to go on a mission." he says

"nah man I just got back." (oh hello random human how art thou… thats what I thought but I replied in a more conventional normal mannor)


"like the 17th of july…"

"really me too on the 18th June.”


then we established the fact that he served in new zealand and that he has moved from Samoa to Australia in the last 2 weeks. Cool I have nothing I just moved house, he moved country.

"hey are you hungry."

pause… random dude I can see where this is going well never been on a date of someone I have never meet before well he is worthy to be in the celestial room so I think death/ rape won’t happen……. “yes I am.”

"awesome do you want to have lunch together your paying.”

"oh heck no. hahah your the dude man."


this is the best part…. I still have Canadian man’s message in my hand….. ” hey where are you from.”


"really your accent its not American its more like CANADIAN! are you sure your not from CANADA!"

Oh dang! One I really don’t have a Canadian accent completely out of the blue….. Two he had no idea how that fuels my Canadian obsession…. I LOVE CANADA!!!!If that wasn’t enough just as he says that Sister Robertson from Canada who I work with runs up to me!Out of no where!!!! they were teaching a lesson and finished teaching… she hugs me, I just laugh. Then the Samoan and Canadian start talking about people that he knows from his mission from CANADA! CANADA IS TAKING OVER MY COUNTRY!!!

Then on the Saturday somehow the samoan guy ends up at my house. He comes with my family and I to the film festival. He has dinner with my family. I met him on Thursday!!!!! He meets my dad. MY DAD!!!!! this is a huge thing people for anyone that knows my DAD! or knows of him. He handled it well and survived. When we were at the festival we went on a walk and out of no where Granny Helen pops up…. Oh there’s my granny….. So Samoan guy met my family on date two………. Rather intense I must say…… rather strange because that is the second meeting I have ever had with the kid. But this is my favorite part about the story.

We are driving him to the train station. He turns to my dad! I will never ever ever ever ever forget this…… SO strange but oddly cute at the same time.

“Brother McNaught can I have your permission to take your daughter to the movies next Saturday…..”

“Which Daughter?” Mum says jokinly Classic mum make the guy even more nervos….. I loved it! I love my mum! I would of said that too if I were her.

Speaking of random people random situations. I have had the chance to contemplate this on the bus to Chermside. Timing is everything. You know Heavenly Father is so in control it really is crazy I saw it heaps this week. Missing buses getting the exact bus talking to people on the bus. I mean every day at the end of the day after uni I happen to sit next to a Filipino what are the odds. Every day though without fail. So I have another life lesson or piece of wisdom or new personal motto what have you.

“If something unfortunate happens GET EXCITED!!!! why because it makes room for something even more AWESOME to happen!”

So I have been trying to get into contact with this lady from Wesley Mission (Photojournalism Assignment.) but for whatever reason I couldn’t contact her. Finally I contacted her make an appointment to see her. Chermside is on the other side of town I have never been there. 1 hour and a bit bus ride. I get there on Friday…….. She has called in sick and didn’t tell me. A situation which could so easily turn into frustration and tears but hey what did OLONGAPO MISSION TEACH ME!!!! GET EXCITED OVER MISFORTUNE!!!!!!!!!! WHY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY IS A GREATER BLESSING THAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND YET! So I got super happy and excited. I was left to my own devices. Guess what I found myself surrounded by a bunch of Filipino nurses and I FOUND A SLICE OF THE PHILIPPINES IN A NURSING HOME!  I found plenty of stories and people to meet. Thank-you lady for being sick and not telling me because I meet so many amazing people. Thankfully she is better now and still really busy ……..but that’s okay I am glad she is better that is the main thing.

 Seminary is good and I am really loving it. I made breakfast with mum on Friday. GROUP WORK and FOOD amazing what it can do for zombies…..turns them into teenagers! I am seeing the sparks of makulitness which excites me! I want interaction and fun which will require more effort on my part.

 I really loved this scripture in 3 Nephi 22:9   I studied a lot of things this week but this is something small and simple but it was really meaningful to me.

8. In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment, but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer.

I also had an unforgettable experience with someone I love. They were scared to admit to something because they thought that they would get in trouble but lets look at this for a moment. Yes we feel guilty for sin pain and mostly we feel the absence of god in our lives. Wrath for a moment. It wakes us up tells us what we are doing is wrong. The more we live in discord to heavenly father and his will the more his absence becomes felt within us. It a feeling hard to put into words but universal. But as we do the courageous thing admit and rectify the situation we have that mercy and kindness but it all depends on us. Satan would have us fear to rectify the situation….hid things… continue…. not make right or do what we feel to be right.make us think we have done too much there is no return….. BASICALLY FEAR!

What I said to this person is something I learnt too…..

STOP! Do something now! this moment this minute! Don’t Continue and think about one day standing before the savior and knowing what you are doing now. Can you live with that. No! So don’t wait Change now!

After all is said and done. I love uni, I love photography, I love my friends, I love movies I love my family I love ice-cream…… you know the list could go on and on about the things I love but the thing I love the most is one thing……….

Teaching others about our redeemer. Then that incredible feeling that happens….. we feel his love

For them.

I love that feeling.

Love you all



August 28, 2014

August 28, 2014
Haze! I need a Job!

So I started the job hunt this week! Ya! job hunting I really hate it I end up with hours of going through random possible jobs mindlessly scrolling through the jobs hoping to find something then you apply takes a good 25 minutes and bam you like ahhhhhhhhh maybe I’ll get someone that wants me…. a few days later you inbox is full of rejections! well what did I do wrong! why doesn’t anyone want me. AHHHHHHHHHH so time to get back and repeat the process but I think I start another day. My room/ House is this constantly transforming place. I got my room so lovely and then more boxes and it exploded everywhere I wasn’t to motivated to continue so it for a while to be pretty crazy for another few days…….. it’s getting there. A clean and neat surrounding really does effect the state of the mind. Organization is the key to sanity!

So I want to talk about success today. What is it how can we define it and is it important. So I went to a deathly boring fireside last night it was about education and some random chick getting some kind of community award I wasn’t really following to be honest. But there was one thing in the random rabble that caught my attention…. When you study we must have the Belief you can do it. In tagalog the Phrase is KAYA KO IYAN! translation,I can do it. Have a vision of who we can become and what we can achieve. I think all things come down to what we believe we can achieve and out own limitations. I know anything is possible but not instantly there is a required patience involved no matter what goal or aspiration we search for in life. PATIENCE LEADS TO ALL success. The other thing is success is not immediate perfection but a process of often many failures that path the road to success.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

Seminary is great I love it….. am I a good seminary teacher absolutely not…… I am pretty pathetic I feel rather awkward but I just smile and hope that something I say is worth them waking up out of bed for. I KNOW in time I will be a better teacher.Yep but first I have to learn how to be a good seminary teacher by just doing your calling.I always say that to missionaries the only way to learn is by doing. So the class could do with some life! FUN! This class that I have at the moment are the most well behaved quiet no interaction with each other class…. In short zombies but I love them. So we will see how things work out. I am sharing teaching with Adele she is amazing I call her my “pocket rocket.” She is the most energetic person on the planet!!!! We where friends in mission prep class and efy councilors at the same time. She served her mission in Perth. I will never forget that woman’s positivity she was sick had the flu and then her eye became so infected it was huge and she was still smiling no voice and she had prepared months and months for EFY. She was amazing and I am so happy to have life put me back in her path.

Kenya leaving and I have been just in denial to be honest. Her fairwell party was in the week that I didn’t write about. It hit me like a ton of bricks my best friend is again going to disappear out of my life. I miss Jacob, Craig, Trent, Bronte and Bree. The people I love the most are not here. Lucky Tess is here. I miss a lot of people from my mission but mainly I miss Udall and Burt. Udall is still in the Philippines and Burt is a hemisphere away!!!!! What am I ment to be learning at the moment I am not sure. Still trying to figure that one out.

 Kenya gave a beautiful talk on Sunday I cried it was about trails and why bad things happen to good people. It was a beautiful talk her mother came to church!!!! She was a mess just bawling her eyes out so was jess’s mum. I love jess’s mum she is cool.

so talk of the week! I love Diter F uchdorf and stuff I love about men like him is that when you need some guidance oftern things that I have listern too will come into my head. So I found myself just contemplating recent events and things from his last general confernace talk came into my head. The talk is entitled be grateful in any circumstances. I love this part of the talk.

We Are Not Made for Endings

In light of what we know about our eternal destiny, is it any wonder that whenever we face the bitter endings of life, they seem unacceptable to us? There seems to be something inside of us that resists endings.

Why is this? Because we are made of the stuff of eternity. We are eternal beings, children of the Almighty God, whose name is Endless13 and who promises eternal blessings without number. Endings are not our destiny.

The more we learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more we realize that endings here in mortality are not endings at all. They are merely interruptions—temporary pauses that one day will seem small compared to the eternal joy awaiting the faithful.”

He goes on to talk about a lot of other things but I think it is true. I love the scripture

…….”those who are pure in heart shall see god.” I have contemplated that scripture for a long time I believe that when we are grateful we purify our heart and are able to see god’s influence in our lives. Gratitude fosters contentment.

One thing I am glad is that I got to have some time with Kenya. I am so grateful circumstance delayed her papers and bought me home earlier so I could spend this time with her. We went and had a day together at wynum and ended up waking up really early to do some photos with her she has wanted to do flowery  pictures since I left so we did that this morning. All I know is I am going to be a mess on Wednesday. Bring out the tears but she has her stories to experience and I am so excited for her. She went through the same thing 18 months ago. Prehaps more so because she saw all our friends leave.

JOB I NEED A JOB! If anyone knows of anyone that would like to hire a friendly, photography student that loves filippino and speaking tagalog let me know.I wish I could have a job where I could learn more tagalog. Sana maging misyonera ako ulit. Kasi ito po yung pinakamabuting job sa buong buhay talaga. Willing to do pretty much any kind of job to be honest.  MACCS do you want to hire me!

August 25, 2014
Back to the Beginning

 Last week wasn’t all that positive so instead I decided to write my story of how I ended up going on a mission. I wrote this for Julie Hess, she is putting together a book of how the announcement by President Tomas S Monson in October 2012 of lowing the age for missionaries to serve and how that impacted on those missionaries who served at an earlier age. Sister Burt and I were the first sister missionaries to arrive in Olongapo mission under the age of 21. It’s cool to be part of history.

In October 2012  I was a 19 year old photojournalist student at Griffith University. I had dreamed of traveling and having a career as a photographer. Before the October General Conference I had a lot of my guy friends preparing for their missions and I loved studying with them. I have always wanted to serve a mission ever since I was 5 years old I remember wearing my mothers tags with my younger sister. I served a minny mission when I was 16 and that experience changed my life. However around 18 or 17 years old that desire or dream wasn’t final I questioned it weather I was really meant to serve. However I will never forget the day where I made the decision to serve a mission. It was in attending a fast and testimony meeting at the YSA ward as part of the conference and I remember I was sitting next to Kenya Carroll who has been my dear friend since I was 7 years old and my little sister Bronte who is 14 months younger then I am. I remember so distinctly the impression
“you must start preparing for your mission now.”

At the time it seemed so urgent and I will never forget that feeling that I had. I then decided to pray about it and then words fail to explain that moment when I knew that I was going to serve a mission. So I started saving and I was also saving for a camera for my degree so I had 2 years to prepare well so I thought. Shortly after this experience my dad who I hadn’t discussed anything about serving a mission came to me and said he had been to the temple and felt that he need to prepare to help Bronte and I serve missions. Again 2 years away it seemed rather distant. So mum opened a bank account in the September. OH ITS TWO YEARS AWAY! As I talked with him I still can remember that feeling of ugency. Now looking back I can see the lord was preparing me to serve for the time that I was ment to serve. I then decided to go to mission prep. The numbers were very few and I remember a member saying to me when they found I was attending mission prep

 “You don’t need to go to mission prep you are still ages until you will even be able to serve.”

“I don’t know why but I know that I am ment to be going to mission prep.”

My first day in mission prep I remember Sister Maurer saying “How old are you?”


“Oh well, it is good to prepare early.”

I was so nervous but I came to love mission prep class and there are many things that I learnt in that class that carried through the most challenging days of my mission. I am forever grateful mainly for the testimonies of my teachers Ben , Warren and the Maurers. When there were days where I didn’t think I could continue on my mission their words never left me it inspired me and sustained me. I do no know what would of happened if I had not gone to mission prep.


The announcement in October 2012 directly impacted upon my life. I was in Australia and we don’t watch the conferences until a few days after they have happened. I will never forget the phone call. Sonya Hilton called my mum to tell her. I remember my mum came into my room to tell me we both went quiet. The choice had been made in July. Then I went to church

 it all seemed a blur I remember going straight to Kenya. I felt extreme excitement, happiness, pure joy and sadness the realization that I would be leaving Camp Hill ward a lot sooner than I had ever anticipated. Then after church mum sat at one end of the table I was sitting on the other.

“I’m going.”

“I know, we will support you.”

So I had a very short amount of time to submit my papers and leave and come back to school. If the announcement had been made a month later or even a week later I would not have been able to serve a mission and come back to my course. If I had not studied at the Gold Coast my first year of university circumstances would not have allowed me to come back to QCA in the July of 2014. A choice that I had made that didn’t make sense to me at the time but all worked out perfectly.  I came to understand that Heavenly Father had been directing my life in order for me to serve a mission. Carroline Haynes had said to me “If you are ment to serve all things will fall into place.” THINGS FELL INTO PLACE!!!


After a week and a half after the announcement my papers were submitted. Then Jacob Muir a really close friend of mine had a lot of obstacles in his preparation for a mission. I firmly believe all missionaries no matter the process we are meant to serve in the lords time. I saw this with Jacob. A lot of things about missionary work depends on timing and the Lords timetable not ours. I remember a conversation with him on Tuesday night after institute a conversation about him starting his papers and priorities. I never would of imagined two weeks after my papers were submitted I get a phone from Jacob. HIS PAPERS AFTER MONTHS OF TRIALS were miraculously completed and submitted! He would later be called 2 weeks after I received my call to the Philippines Tacloban mission. Not that we realized it at the time but Jacob would end up serving in two missions because of Typhoon Yolanda. He would also serve in the Philippines Cebu East mission.


Brianna Pearce and I were like proves twins we submitted out papers the same day and waited together and prepared together by riding bikes in skirts, temple attendance, reading PMG together and mission prep classes those are some of the most joyful experiences of my life the time preparing with her. December 13th 2013 both Brianna and I received our calls she was called to the Dominican Republic Santiago mission. I was called to the Philippines Olongapo Mission. This was the 2nd happiest memory of my whole life besides watching Sister Sabado open her call. I felt the spirit so strong as I read dear Sister McNaught, you are hearby called to serve. The reality of that seemed so surreal that the lord wanted me to be his missionary. IT DIDN’T MATTER WHERE HE WANTED ME TO GO!!!!! Okay I am ready to go to Sydney……. WHAT THE H( a word that is used in Australia that is not mura but is mura in America)!!!!!!!!! PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!! Olon a what a po….. Mission. Okay I can’t pronounce my mission I am in trouble. TAG-LOG what is that. So tagalog interestingly enough my Filipino friend Dennis had been teaching my tagalog words a few weeks before. I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS THOUGHT PHILIPPINES BUT I WAS SO EXCITED AND SHOCKED AND EXCITED TO BE SURROUNDED BY ASIANS!!!! I LOVE ASIANS!!!!!! I was to report to the MTC on February 12, that’s soon. Jacob came two weeks later to the MTC. WOW THAT’S SOON FOR THE BOTH OF US!!!!! LOOK OUT PROVO!!!! Sister McNaught and Elder Muir will be there soon!


Obstacles arouse and I had a lot of job opportunities that just randomly came up after my mission call that were tempting. Along with obstacles I saw overwhelming support of my ward and family and friends. OVERWELMING I have never felt so loved in my whole life the sacrifices made by those around me in order for me to have enough money to serve was amazing! I didn’t have enough money to serve a mission but I worked to get as much as I could. The most important aspect of preparation was gaining a testimony of the temple. Melissa Taylor made me do a sealing session with her an experience I am forever grateful for my whole mission I thought of that ordinance and how I wanted everyone to receive that. I don’t want just baptism that’s the first step, I want TEMPLE ORDINANCES!!!! Families are forever and 18 months without mine seems worth it for the people to have that opportunity to be together with their families for eternity.


I never viewed missions as a sacrifice until I entered the field the first few months were painfully hard for me, I gave up my language, my family, my friends, my culture, my lifesavings, my education  for a season but most importantly my will and TOILET PAPER!!!! In the field you have no control where you will serve, who you serve with or how long you are in an areas for. However putting your life in the hands of one that knows more then you becomes the greatest blessing. Yes a sacrifice but really what we gain from missions and what the savior sacrificed for me personally my sacrifice seems rather small. My sister went on to serve a mission and she is currently serving in the New Zealand, Auckland Mission. My dear friend Kenya faced 18 months of obstacles completing her papers but will be leaving to serve in the England Manchester mission on August 28th 2014. Perhaps having the people you love the most serve and are away from you when you come home is the greatest sacrifice but I know this is the lord’s work and I love them and they will have their own stories to experience. Again, we all have our own stories to tell but one thing I do know is the lord knows when we will serve and when we are need in the mission field.


lots of love


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August 16, 2014

August 16, 2014
It’s Okay

So This week I picked up my camera did a photo shoot with Kenya and Freaked out all my photos were blurred and crap and I was like I have forgotten everything but then the next day Eden was bugging me for a Facebook profile picture plus I had to do an assignment…..LAMO man but okay so I did a portrait session with Eden and I realized ISO is pretty dang important. I AM AN IDIOT!!!! so basic. So I took beautiful pictures of my little sister and actually she inspired me for this week’s letter. So I hate generic photos the ones that people are smiling their lives from a photograph look perfect. I don’t know why but Eden had written on her finger nails the word OKAY. I feel like I have been saying that over and over this week. As a returned missionary which I hate the term RM (returned monster.) you will hear two main phrases that you will hear over and over and over again.

phrase 1

WOW your back that went fast. How was your mission?


(thought process) akward because a few seconds doesn’t really explain what happened. Even if I tried to explain no one would understand because it was CRAZY and AMAZING and CHALLAGING and ABSOULELY HUMBLING. My stories are pretty far fetched and I have come to learn not all that socially acceptable hahah. I did serve in Olongapo let’s be honest here. A lot of things I edited in my letters for my parents sake but now I told them everything and I think they are still in shock! I THINK I AM STILL IN SHOCK! I mean my first day in the Philippines was Holy week which consisted of people whipping themselves chanting, Crazy idols, humun Crucifixion and rubbish burning so smoke was everywhere and that night  was my very first experience in that country…. I was petrified!!!!!!!! WHERE THE HECK HAD I BEEN SENT. But the Place as crazy as it is the people, Mga nanay that loved me, the kids, the dramatic culture, being told I am beautiful everywhere I went and people coming out of houses just to take pictures with me!!!!!!! the people really did steel my heart even the Language as hard as it was to learn I MISS IT! Being here kills me. I miss my MISSION SO MUCH! Even if I went back it isn’t the same I wouldn’t be a missionary. I loved and hated being a missionary. It really was a rollercoaster of extreme emotions. It was the best and hardest thing ever….turns out that cliché is true and the only way to describe a mission.

Silence…… The listener doesn’t really care what your response is..

“it was Okay.”

“that’s wonderful just wonderful great experience for you.”


Then they walk off. This process is repeated over and over.

Phrase 2.

How does it feel to be back.

Response: Thought process. Well not exactly what I though it would be like. I didn’t believe everyone that there is an adjustment I naively thought hey not that hard you go back to your life. HECK NO! Everything is different everyone is different even my house is different. I THINK I AM HAVING A BIGGER CULTURE SHOCK BEING HERE AT HOME!!!! AUSTRALIA IS NOT THE PHILIPPINES THINGS I COULD DO THERE ARE NOT SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE HERE!!!!!!!!!Australia is super ocd about forms and people have a lot of things and still say they are poor. Risk assessment forms and lack of jay walking and having everything that must be safe!!! I feel like this country spends more time assessing the risk of things rather than just living. People don’t have a lot of patience here and Australians are not accustomed to waiting for anything everything must be instant. Everything is fast pace and time is really important. Australians like to have a go at other Australians I was walking to uni on the foot path and this guy was on a bike and some old man/women not sure what gender it was just like full on gets up this dude and tells him that this is not the bike path that he is going to get a fine. EVERYONE LIVES IN FEAR OF GETTING A FINE!!!!! THE GUY GETS OFF HIS BIKE!!!!!! What the heck man I would of just kept riding. PLEASE!!!!! As for the old thing I would say your little motorized cart thingy isn’t exactly your legs either buddy……….So stupid. Filipino time I miss that. People who have been to the Philippines would understand that. But I love hot showers and toilet paper you can flush down the toilet! BUT THE FACT THERE IS A FLUSH! That is another wonder of life! I love AUSTRALIAN FOOD. I love my family and seeing old friends. I love SLEEP! Prayer is different I don’t feel as close to heavenly father now as I did in the field that is the biggest thing for me and I don’t know how to explain it but it’s different. Makes me kind of sad. I feel like I have lost something but  I don’t know what it is. Motivation I really don’t a desire to do anything. Again conflicting emotions. BEA isn’t here!!!!!! BRONTE… I miss her like crazy that is the biggest thing for me I DON’T HAVE MY SISTER WITH ME. I don’t have the person that I love and fight with and tells me I am being stupid when I am. I didn’t realize it but Bea is a HUGE part of my life. Being here back home without her is the biggest thing that I am adjusting to. I get to see her in a year. Jordan Woolley said to me that isn’t a long time! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!! Time doesn’t go fast that isn’t fast! A YEAR IS A SUPTANIAL AMOUNT OF TIME. Again Jordan 6 months is a septennial amount of time!  I still can’t go to max Brenner.

“yep  it’s okay being back.”

“Great to see you are doing so well just great!”

PLEASE SHUT UP!( of course this is a thought not said because that would be pretty dang blunt and rude.)

“yep yep well great to see you.”

This time I walk away and find more people to do small talk with. Then you find some genuine people that is rather refreshing that actually care what happened and how you’re really doing and this is a great one too they tell you WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING!!!!! Thank- you to a few of my friends for a real conversation that wasn’t awkward I swear if I hadn’t of seen them that dance would of driven me up the wall! 

So I also made new friends with three Rm’s from the Philippines found myself in a Filipino shop and then I was surround by Filipino food and people it was great my homesickness got a lot better. It was great to talk with Jessie, Dwine and Sarah. We ate Balut that stuff is deadly! It smells rather intresting and looks like a enbro of a child man. So life is good and I am looking forward to this coming weeks adventures of unpacking and lack of internet…. Prehaps a good thing I am addicted to facebook and I hate that site. Scrolling and scrolling for excitement and being left with less brain cells and more bored then before. I want my BLUE CARD ALREADY I WANT TO START TEACHING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grabe. NO internet for a week was really great and I really loved packing up my house and finally to start and get my life back together and stop living out of a suit case is nice. So things are looking up.


This week’s progression….

-So I handed in my first assignment!!!! Biggest effort for 4%.

-          Made my first normal Friend at uni! She is not on drugs! yeah!!! go art school!

-          Picked up and SLR and used it!

-          did a crappy sketch but I did it

-          moved house my room is a neculur boom my house is like the after math of a natural disaster

-          Resume completed emails looked at but still haven’t handed it out or replied to people.

-          Made friends with the sister missionaries here. I like sister Robortson she is CANADIAN! I am obsessed with Canada! Mum and I need to go there. Who knows but Canada is still everywhere still! The Elders helped us move Elder King is super talkative and English he is awesome! Mum went to hug him without thinking this week but she was like what the heck I thought it was hilarious.

-          I have a slight social life!!!!! Go buddy I made new friends.

-          Babies love me again!!!!

So a Continuation of last weeks goals.

-          New SCRIPTURES!!!!!! I NEED THEM! my mission ones are beat up and smell like moss.

-          buy a screen for print making

-          AGAIN DO SOMETHING TO GET A JOB!!!! AHHH I need motivation.

-          write in my journal….. I don’t want to but I will regret it.

-          Calendar for my room MAKE PLANS!!!

-          Do a new and improved bucket list.

-          Spend time with Kenya this week.

-          Have a to do list each day so I achieve things!

-          Really work at convincing my parents I can DRIVE!!! I am not 5 years old!!! ahhhhh!!!!

-          write things down otherwise I forget them. I may have completely forgotten about dinner with family friends and going to the temple with Melissa just absent mindness and I need to remember stuff that I said I would do! I felt so bad. However on the positive side lesson learnt!

August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

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